Mann mast hua

In the recent program in Kathmandu, I sang a number of new bhajans. A number of them were composed in the past few months and by far the most complex one for me was this one- Mann mast hua...a very popular bhajan, sung by a number of musicians and singers.

Somehow this bhajan never interested me, because of the manner it was always sung.The significance of the words never came out. I always wondered why the hell anyone was singing that.

On the other hand, I had never composed anything in Bhairavi...as I have never really sat and learnt the raga, except with guruji- Sh. Dasgupta-ji while teaching me Shuddh baani style of singing. So I never had a stock of bandishes, thumris or anything to sing in this raga.  I just decided to marry the two together.For another reason too. I did want to have one bhajan in Bhairavi to conclude my program and it ought to have been a befitting one too.

When I toyed with the idea, it worked well. I sat down and racked my brains. The time was either late October 2011 or early Nov. I composed the first line in Bhairavi and the next too, and then because I had recently heard something of Anup Jalota-ji's singing, I wanted to try out a number of ragas. I did!

There is a line that goes. Hansa paya mansarovar (हंसा पाया मानसरोवर, ताल तलैया क्यों डोले) I set this in Hansadhwani- another raga which I am really hoping to sing and perform because it is also the name of our foundation and has a great significance for me personally.  Then I thought about what Mansarovar the Hansa had found.    mansarovar (have a look at this link too)
 and it fits into the Hindu cosmology. Makes sense. When the soul which is the discerning being within each one, finds the essence of life, why would it go and contaminate its mind in everything it runs into. This is the significance of these words.

Another line of the song Tera sahib (तेरा साहिब है घट माहीं , बाहर नैना क्यों खोले) seems to work well in Bhairav!! the overall composition is sounding quite good and I have really sung in a lot now, to get it going tunefully in my throat


Bhakti in Bhaktapur

The most befitting place for singing devotional songs would be a place whose name itself is so steeped in Bhakti. So when I heard the name Bhaktapur, I just smiled to myself. It sounded nice enough...but going there two days before the concert made my heart break into a song automatically. It was so beautiful that it was sheer poetry.
a bird's eye view of the school 

the accomapanying artists- tuning

this is a view of the concert while it is on...or maybe  just before, while we test the  speakers etc

concert in progress
In this program I sang nearly 10 Kabir bhajans and four of Meera. I started with Smt Veena Sahasrabuddhe's composition- ghat ghat mein panchhi bolta. (घट घट में पंछी बोलता) and sang total of four before moving over to meera, which I began with Nahin aiso janam barambaar...in Bhupali
everyone performing 

Satguru mohae bhaavae

From my four CD Kabir album, called Kahe Kabir, this is one bhajan that I am now in a position to share. It was recorded when I was i...