The Kabir Singing Workshops

This idea of doing the workshops actually came to me when I finished writing my paper for the Canadian Journal of Music therapy , about my journey of healing through engagement with Kabir's poetry. Me and Prof Ajit Dalal spoke much about my musical repertoire over the last many years.

In any case he and me are planning to set up a Hansadhwani research project in music therapy, so why not use bhakti singing we thought? It may happen that way, as singing is something that instantly lifts people from the glooms that their mind plunges them into.

But this workshop idea came just like a flash to me, for i have seen for years and years people running after listening to Kabir. I thought why not let them search for their Kabir within themselves too, the outer can be accompanied by an inner journey too. So this is the genesis

Prof Girishwar Misra was so thrilled to see the whole conception that he said, it could become a movement in society! That is the work that others can do, and Shabnam Virmani really did bring Kabir into the centerstage for young people around with her great movies. I am simply someone who loves Kabir, loves people and would love to join the dots...wherever I can. I see myself as a collaborator of a different nature- perhaps toward empowering people by adding to their skills

The seed has been sown and I spoke with many. Let's see for every idea has its own life, its own time and its trajectory. Hamsadhwani is just learning to walk- the flight would have to be of the ideas alone.

Satguru mohae bhaavae

From my four CD Kabir album, called Kahe Kabir, this is one bhajan that I am now in a position to share. It was recorded when I was i...