AAoonga naa jaaoonga

आऊँगा न जाऊंगा, ना मारूंगा ना जीयूंगा
गुरु के सबद मैं रमी रमी रहूँगा

आप कटोरा आपे थारी आपे पुरिखा आपे नारी

आप सदाफल आपे नीम्बू, आपे मुसलमान आपे हिन्दू

आप मच्छ कच्छ आपे जाल आपे झीन्वर आपे काल

कहे कबीर हम ना ही रे नाही , ना हम जीवत ना मुवाले माहीं

When in 1999, I had composed this bhajan of Kabir, my sister had predicted that it would be a popular one. Of course, it never became a huge success the way a lot of songs do, because I could not share it on many fora, but wherever I did I do think it was well liked. The other thing about music is its repeat value. When most of the times my compositions are new, people cannot connect with them. But had they known them for a long time then the repeat value would have really mattered.

Anyways, every life has a different trajectory to follow. So while I am on my own in this life, I really love to sing this particular pad...which means that thanks to the fact that I am so immersed in the words of my guru, I shall transcend this whole circle of life an death: I will not be born again. Neither I will be born again, nor I shall die. Kabir says this with utter confidence because the whole duality in which the whole world is immersed is no longer hoodwinking him- there is no Hindu, no Muslim, there is no separation between the water and its creatures, there is no separation between man and woman, and nor is there an illusion of big or small. So when I have seen beyond the play of opposites I am free of this play of the opposites says Kabir.

This to me is the meaning of the song; which of course is based on my singing of it over twelve years now. I am sure there are other meanings for those who are more knowledgeable. This is for you who reads it right now.

In this picture there is Mishra-ji playing on the tabla with me in one of the concerts I had long back at the Shri Ram Institute of Industrial Research, an accompanist for most of my riyaaz and musical efforts; and the real saakshi who has seen my long and winding road.Hear it here

Satguru mohae bhaavae

From my four CD Kabir album, called Kahe Kabir, this is one bhajan that I am now in a position to share. It was recorded when I was i...