A Many Stranded Musical Braid I Weave

If I see my musical life as a braid- the one which has several strands in it, a dominant strand is represented by Kabir. It is very astonishing how deeply Kabir runs through me- like an inner guru, an ego ideal, a prominent strand of my consciousness, a lens to examine the world around with and my own voice sometimes calling out to the almighty.

Just now i was writing my first article about my own musical recovery from illness and in that I saw how dominant Kabir's presence is- to the extent that i understood it cannot be summed up in one article alone (since for this one i have a word limit of about 8500) For long I knew Kabir was someone who merited a lot more work from me, as part of my musical journey. I hope I will be able to accomplish it.

For now once I wind off this article/paper I hope to share it more openly, including the story of my long illness and how debilitating it has been. The idea of course being to empower others who may be going through the same or similar pathways.

So though Kabir is one strand, however prominent it may seem, it is not the entire braid- and i am thankful for that to my own inner guru, which was once projected on Kabir, the other strands of my musical journey are equally deep, meaningful and sublime. But for this paper all my inquiry is being done from the point of Kabir only- how his poetic voice becomes my voice, how my voice finds a calling in his voice and then how the dichotomy ends and i become one with my inner voice, which now comes to me from all sides that i can pay heed to.

END OF JOURNEY if you think about it- for this marks the end of my fragmentation.

Satguru mohae bhaavae

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