doha about anger

क्रोध अग्नि घर घर बैठी, जरे सकल संसार
दीं लीं निज भक्त जो, तिन के निकट उबार 

krodha agni ghar ghar baithi, jarae sakal sansaar
deen leen nij bhakt jo, tin ke nikkat ubaar

poetic transliteration
the fire of anger sits in every home, burning the entire world down
he that is humble and who surrenders, is the only who shall be saved from burning

My interpretation-
the fire of anger resides in the home of each and every- the home of the soul (body) and the home of the individual (where he lives with family) And the flames of this fire are so potent that the human burns in anger, as well as the home burns due to anger...the whole world burns down in anger- inside the home and outside.
(Repeatedly the motif of ghar or ghatt occurs in Kabir's poetry and it refers to both the home of the soul- the body as well as the home of the body- the house with four walls)
Only s/he will be saved from this anger burning him down who surrenders him/herself; so that they will be rescued from the fire.( am not too happy with this way of explaining this!)

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