Kahe Kabir- Mann Na Rangaaye

यह पद समाज को ललकारता है-

मन न रंगाये रंगाये जोगी कपरा
आसन मारि मंदिर में बैठे, ब्रम्ह्म छाड़ि पूजन लागे पथरा
मन न रंगाये।

कनवा फड़ाए जोगी जटवा बढो ले
दाढी बढ़ाये जोगी होई गैले बकरा

जंगल जाये जोगी धुनिया रमौ ले
काम जराए जोगी होय गैले हिजरा

मथवा मुड़ाए जोगी कपड़ा रंगो ले
गीता बांच के होय गइले लबरा

कहहिं कबीर सुनो भाई साधो
जम दरवजवा बाँधल जैबे पकरा

It may seem that Kabir is mocking the sadhus and those who make a living out of the 'god industry' I myself see it also as a satire about society in general- where whoever dons whatever garment, they do not do justice to that garment. Though people choose many trades and professions to make a living, they do not immerse in that line of work honestly.

I am translating the meaning of this pada as I have understood it- not in verse but a mere translation in that format

Doesn't colour (his/her) soul, colours only the garment

Sits cross legged in place of worship (temple/mandir)
Instead of god worships stone idols

Sitting in jungles mid austerities,
Thinks of controlling lust, and become a eunuch;

By shaving off hair and colouring (external) garment
Just pays lip service to the Gita

So says Kabir, listen to this my friend
( i do not know how to translate this yet!!)

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  1. जम दरवजवा बाँधल जैबे पकरा- you'll be tied and caught at the gates of death(heaven/hell/afterlife)


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